Ayurveda Consultation with Dr. Uma, starting this March 2024

Ayurveda and Yoga are one of many branches of ancient Indian Vedic practices. Uma Purighalla MD has decided to switch gears, as she has recently retired from her Internal Medicine practice of 24 years. Instead, she is using her training in the Vedic art of healthy living for those interested in learning what Ayurveda suggests to improve overall well-being based on one's unique constitution.  This is an alternative/complementary practice and not conventional medical care. 

She is a member of the National Ayruvedic Medical Association and has training as an Ayurvedic Counselor.  She continues to advance her certification at Kerala Ayurveda, as there is always something to learn.  She received her yoga teacher from Yoga Bob at Three Rivers Yoga where she continues to grow. 

Given that everyone’s body/mind constitution is unique, the participant will be required to complete a dosha questionnaire, dietary form, and health history form before the session.  Mindfulness practices, physical activity suggestions, and dietary/herbal advice can be adjusted to both Western and Eastern palates. 

This session will typically take one hour provided that the participant has submitted all the forms before the session.  All recommendations should be reviewed and approved by one’s healthcare provider prior to implementation.  

                          Cost $120 dollars for the first hour and $30 dollars for every additional half hour. 


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