Manage the Holidays

Pranayama (breath), Meditation & Nidra

Saturday, November 16th

12:30pm- 2:00pm


We will explore breathing & meditation techniques and finish with  Nidra.

All three help the body & mind to relax.

Starting with the breath we begin to slow the thought process.

Guided meditation allows you to become quieter.

 Nidra(sleep yoga) your body & mind find stillness


All of the skills learned in this class can help you navigate the Holidays and beyond. Once you practice the techniques you can use them daily to release stress, tension & anxiety.

Sleep better and manage your own health


Adventure to a new place- calm & relaxed


Cost $25.00- sign-up before Nov 12th

Cost $30.00-   after the Nov 12th

You can sign up online or at the studio

Questions give us a call 412-262-5445




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