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Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a conscious awareness of the deep sleep state. The practice has been found to reduce tension and anxiety. Traces of the day will fade away, time stops and stillness arises. This sleep with awareness will induce a full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness. In Yoga Nidra, the nervous system will unwind and you will emerge feeling rejuvenated. The class begins with preparatory exercises followed by the extended Yoga Nidra practice.


Beginners/Gentle Yoga - This class is a for all levels of practice and is wonderful for students new to the practice or continuing students who would like a slower pace. The practice will consist of breathing practices (pranayama), warm-ups, and foundational postures. Modifications and variations will be given during the practice. The class concludes with a deep relaxation to bring harmony and balance to the body, mind & spirit. (All Levels)


Yoga Fundamentals - This class is perfect for new students or continuing students to refine your practice. This class is a gentle introduction to the practice of yoga; foundational techniques, alignment, and Pranayama. In addition, we will introduce a modified practice of Surya Namaskar and gentle inversions. The class will consist of warm-up and preparatory movement, breath work, asana (posture) practice, and deep relaxation.


Integrative Core & Flow- This rejuvenating class will enliven the navel center through inner awareness, pranayama (breath practices), core practices, sound and bandas, weaved into a nourishing flow. This class will increase our sensitivity to move from our center in asana, deepen our yoga practice and allow us to move through life from our "center" moment by moment. Followed by 15 minutes of meditation(optional)



Open Flow - This class is for all levels of practice ranging from new to continuing students. The class format is moderately paced and will provide breath-work, warm-up, and foundational postures in a vinyasa flow (integrating the breath with movement). Modifications and variations will be given during the practice. Knowledge of Sun Salutations A & B is helpful.
Vinyasa Flow Chakra Practice - The class is a series of seven flowing sequences incorporating specific poses to balance and energize each chakra. The flow series is followed by meditation. Final relaxation can be in a restorative pose or in savasana. This class will harmonize and nourish on all levels!
108 Sun Salutations- A meditative yet energizing class weaving Pranayama, 108 Sun Salutations with mantras, warm-ups, cool down and deep relaxation.  This class is for all levels, try a few, try more, do them all.  All are welcome.  


 Energetic Flow - A more vigorous class for experienced students. This class will consist of vinyasa flow incorporating challenging postures such as arm balances and inversions. A strong home practice is recommended and at least six months of practice as a student at the studio. 










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